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Why should I peek into my Intra-personal Underworld?

Did you get my invite yesterday to alter the inner game dynamics?

If you did, you may wonder why?

When the World at large consumes all the hours we have, why make an effort to look within?

If we don't look within, we won't come to terms with the power we possess to be!

We precipitate a crisis when we undermine, suppress and ignore our true self.

We becoming the person we are not when we let the crisis builds up beyond our coping ability. Yielding to the pressures that act on us, we end up being a nobody, anybody or somebody.

Wonder who we may have the power to be and become.

time to make up our mind. Are we a puppet or a pet with no mind of our own? Do we play a proxy or act as a dupe undermining our significance? Are we here to cheer lead the others as a prankster or a sidekick?

Are we a mere prop up with no identity of our own?

Instead of figuring out who we do not relish being, why not be a prophetic visionary? Exercise our right and stake our claim to be the person we long to be!

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