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How Dr. Jaishankar calls the bluff and stays credible! 

Like it or not, most of us are self-opinionated and swear by what we know. It is difficult to surface inconvenient truths to those in power without hurting their self-pride and inviting their wrath.

Dr. Jaishankar demonstrated the technique of attitude inoculation with great finesse. He manages to call the bluff, earns credibility for himself, and elevates the stature of the Nation.

As exemplified below, he aired his observations at forums that addressed Global issues. Here is how I found him doing it. Surfaces the fallacy underlying an erroneous belief first.


  • The US would lead us to believe that India’s interest enjoys their uppermost consideration.

  • By continuing to patronize oil imports from Russia, Europe believes India to be anti-West.

  • Pakistan perpetrates a belief of being victimized by terrorism at home and pleads for help.

Next, he tables irrevocable facts that expose the myth underlying the erroneous belief. Awaken the intellect and stir up the conscience.


  • Is the US sympathetic to Indian interests by supplying F16 to Pakistan?

  • Is Europe unaware of patronizing Russian oil imports while pointing fingers at India?

  • By harboring Al Qaida leaders at home, is Pakistan not abetting Global terrorism?


Finally, he appeals to reexamining wrong prejudices and unhelpful postures by stating facts.

  • Knowing what F16 is meant for and capable of, can India be fooled into an erroneous belief?

  • Is Europe justified in accusing India when it imports as much Russian Oil in one afternoon?

  • Is Pakistan’s lip sympathy for Global terrorism consistent with its sympathy for Al Qaida?

He marshals his arguments with formidable finesse by stating a fallacy, surfacing a myth, and questioning the logic based on facts. By doing so, he challenges prevailing dogma to mobilize global consensus. Invokes the code of conduct essential for responsible statesmanship.

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