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Want to stay fired up and be raring to go?

Irony of life

Believe it or not, we are no different from a battery. We feel good when we are fully charged up. We are down when we stay discharged. Hoping to conserve energy, we avoid exercising ourselves. We are unaware of consuming nervous energy when we stand still. Shocks, fear, suspense, and ambiguity sap the energy and put us out of commission.

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We kick start the system when it fails to start. We persist with kick-starting and give up in despair when it refuses to come alive. Likewise, relentless in our drive to come alive, we burn ourselves out.

Counterintuitive thinking:

We can stay fired up in two ways: Slow down the rate of discharge and quicken the rate of charge up. We arrest the rate of discharge by cultivating resilience to VUCA. We hasten the rate of charging up by limiting our exposure. Like champion athletes, stay charged up for much longer!

Solution: Be a self-starter

Our metabolism is designed to function as a dynamo. We nourish ourselves the moment we are down. We conserve ourselves for as long as we can and prevail upon adversity.

Alternate the frequencies and amplitude of energy to stay fully energized. Build up the tolerance and resilience necessary to beat the odds.

When we are in sync, within and without, we rock steady.

We are at peace within, regardless of turbulence outside.

Stay fired up and be raring to go.

Want to know how charged up you are?

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