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How to be role congruent and declare iconic presence!

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

What is role congruence?

As a student, if we are studious, we are being role congruent. Our actions are consistent with the person we profess to be. Likewise, we are a jester if we manage to get people to laugh. A magician if we leave people spell-bound. In effect, we create the effect we intend to create.

Why be role congruent?

Imagine the plight of someone who makes an election promise. Promise something they have no intention or ability to live up to. We may attempt to tolerate our duplicity, avoid vulnerability and live with our incongruity. Eventually, we may find it less tiring and more enjoyable to be true to ourselves. Know who we are, bid for legitimate aspirations, and be at peace with ourselves.

How to be role congruent?

Role congruence is a function of the four Ps.

Position: Posses the knowledge, skill and temperament necessary to perform the role.

Performance: Be capable of performing with consistency and conviction.

Potential: Overcome the performance barriers to play to peak potential and

Persona: Demonstrate the uniqueness necessary to distinguish the self.

Performance: Be reliable and consistent in performance.

Potential: Play to peak potentials and

Personal: Demonstrate uniqueness.

What is in it for me?

Guess what we may expect when we put in 40 hours a week or 2000 hours a year at work? When I started work as an apprentice, I barely managed to make 45 cents an hour. Personal mastery fetched me US$ 100 per hour a whopping jump of 200 times. As a subject matter expert, the multiplier was 300 and as the Go To Guy for the industry, the sky was the limit. The top 10 percentile in any professional trade attracts 90% of the total industry revenues!

Are you role-congruent?

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