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A magical discovery in my Intra-personal underworld!

Why should we peek into our intra-personal underworld?

Because we wish to exercise our right and stake our claim to be the person we long to be!

Today I wish to reveal what the intra-personal underworld conceals!

Witness the HUMAN DYNAMO resident within!

I often wondered how I could distinguish between the good and the bad. I sought out the company of benign people and stayed away from those who harboured mischief. Likewise, I stuck to what I liked and stayed allergic to whatever disagreed with me. Escaped boring routines and took on creative pursuits. Again, cut me loose from whatever held me down and devoted myself to whatever set me free!

What made all this possible?

While my battery kept draining me out, the human dynamo keep charging me up. The dynamo functions according to a program that restores parity, maintains equity, enables reciprocity, and denotes synchronicity. No wonder I maintained my sanity and my stability and sanity in space and time.

With the dynamo in my possession, why should I stay contended and be ordinary?

Why can I not become extraordinary?

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