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5 show stoppers and deal breakers in personal coaching

  1. Just like some people take time to catch a joke, the comfortably numb awaken the last. We take it easy, unaware of missing the signals and reacting late, if at all. Clients who fail to keep time or the schedule, fail to progress because they lack self-control.

  2. Reluctance to bid for a stretch goal is a tell-tale sign of non-cooperation. The coach serves as a sparring partner and keeps throwing heavier punches at the client. Clients that pleaed for concessions and want a safe way out delay toughening up their minds to prevail.

  3. Lack of enthusiasm to grow was self-evident in this client. We nip the problem at the source by asking 'What is happening here?" No amount of pushing or coaxing can infuse energy in someone waiting to be kick-started at every stage of coaching. Unless they become self-priming, they put themselves at risk.

  4. Seasoned coaches persist with coaching even when the client is eager to celebrate a cosmetic relief. Given the dangers of sliding back, unless the clients institute failsafe backstops, they will fail to hold the gains. It pays to eliminate the traces of pushback, eddy currents, and the free radicals that upset the inner balance.

  5. Finally, a quantum leap calls for defying gravity and achieving escape velocity. That calls for eliminating all the noises within and staying tuned in to the signals within and without.

If you suspect losing momentum and slowing down, don't waste time.

Identify the show stoppers and correct them before they become deal breakers!


Shekar is a 'PERSONAL COACH'

He helps his clients achieve inner balance and be awe-inspiring!

Develop the temperament of a champion to learn from experience.

Contend with the variables to limit the margins of error and enhance the factor of safety.

Take legitimate exposures, be awe-inspiring and experience the power of significance!

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