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Time capsule: A tryst with destiny and a springboard to success!

In the earlier blog post on an ‘AHA’ moment in career growth, I mentioned ‘Time capsule.’

When we see a concrete goal ahead of us, we get there without blinking an eyelid. It happens. Mothers save up for their daughter's wedding. We avail of a home loan to suit our lifestyle. We stop in our tracks not knowing how to reach goals that are fuzzy, iffy, and far-fetched.

Ever wondered how jailbirds, prisoners of war, terminally ill patients, and the marooned find their way back into life? When they don’t know the way, they rely on uncommon sense and do the unthinkable. Adopting a counterintuitive approach, they switch their mind over from a rewind mode to fast forward it. Live to realize their dream script with a date stamp. They define the point of arrival on a future date. Sign it off and put it in a sealed envelope.

Simple as it may seem, such is the power of the subconscious. Believe it or not, it worked not only for me but for many of my students, peers, friends, and relatives. For example,

  • On December 24, 1999, I dreamt about being in the US as a country head for an IT company based out of New Jersey. I moved into a home in New Jersey on June 30, 2000!

  • Sanaya, a school-final student from a Tamil medium corporate school hailing from an economically weaker section joined ICICI Securities after her B.Com.

  • Sarma obtained an MBA degree from a prestigious European B School. He found the Indian employers unwilling to pay a premium. Determined to realize his dream script within 45 days, he engineered his job search with single-minded determination. He managed to elevate himself a year later to the next level by sheer merit.

When you have a dream in your heart and don’t know how to make it happen, use the time capsule. Simply sign off a post-dated dream script addressed to yourself. Surprise yourself by achieving it ahead of time!


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