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Alter the inner game dynamics

Habituated as we are, we overestimate the challenges and underestimate our abilities.

When we fall short of our expectations, we doubt our abilities and put ourselves down.

Unaware of the inner game dynamics, we lead a compromised existence.

Zone is a workshop that aims to alter the inner game dynamics.

What is a zone?

Signifies a state of joy when we are our authentic self, in time and space!

Why be in the zone ?

We are too busy and unaware of deceiving ourselves. Daunted and discounted, feel worthless and helpless. We come alive when we align our mind, body, heart, and soul.

Shed self deception and act with presence of mind. Perform effortlessly and enjoy doing whatever we do!

How to get into the zone?

We trace the origins of the undercurrents that leave us immune and vulnerable.

Shocked and disappointed, we lose touch with reality.

Under pressure the mind goes dull and we imagine the worst.

Meanwhile, the clock keeps ticking away as we play catch up and tire ourselves out.

Unable to make up the loss, we stay disengaged and give up on ourselves.

Feel powerless, helpless and hopeless.

Self appraisal, enables an awareness within.

We steel the nerves and arrest the inner dynamics.

Exercise presence of mind to stay tuned into time and space.

Neutralize the pressures within to function as an integral entity.

What does zone do for us?

The presence of mind is indeed the seat of joy!

‘Surprise me’ is the name of the game today.

Else we keep blinking away!

We are under pressure to contend with novelty and urgency. Shed latency and acquire fluency. When we are in command of the inner world dynamics, we are spontaneous and play by reflex. Dare to be and exercise free will.

Deploy our quintessential self and undertake superhuman endeavors.

Thrive in the VUCA World!

Watch this space to learn more about thriving in the VUCA World.

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