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Some people are skeptical about the benefits of self awareness.

I respect skeptcisim and offers a counterintuitive approach to dispel that popular myth. 


Coaching is a wasteful exercise as long as we stay busy competing and settling scores with the others. 

Coaching is valuable when we divert our attention to address the battles that rage within. 

That is the central premise of GLOW: Play for greatness.


I believe coaching to be a self-to-self engagement. 

We play to greatness when we change from being an automaton to function on autopilot.


Sense the undercurrents that hold us at bay and breaking free from monotony.

Break free from the tyranny of the distinctly vicious patterns of undercurrents, we call life.

When we come awake, we recognize the futility of staying discredited and disadvantaged. 


We locate the vantage point that represents our core values and lies right within. 

We pivot ourselves around our core values and break free from captivity. 

The core values we enunciate, serve as the anchor and the axis of alignment. 

We consolidate our moorings and redefine our bearings. 

We conserve energy and lend the requisite momentum to achieve a breakthrough.


Meanwhile, the internal churning precipitates a metamorphosis within. 

We crystallize ourselves into our quintessential self that is pure, pristine, transparent, and radiant. 

Having purged ourselves of our toxins, we personify pure potentiality. 

Enjoy autonomy, authority to pursue our dreams with become audacity. 

Raising the bar on ourselves, we keep elevating the game to a new high. 

Lit up from within, we declare our signature presence. 


The primary source of inner conflict lies in the disconnect between the perceptions we hold about our role and identity. Coaching is a blessing for those who can forge a symbiotic equation between the role they play and the identity they hold. When they do so, they glow with authentic happiness! 

Glow responds to our quest for our quintessential self. 

Like to break free and glow from within?

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